Shelter Partners Services


When families reach the shelter’s threshold, arms full of bags and suitcases with little ones in tow, most likely they’re experiencing a myriad of emotions. Regardless of how they show up or when they show up, shelter staff must be ready to provide families with the essentials; a safe place to begin identifying the issues that made them lose their housing and the obstacles that they will have to overcome to obtain permanent housing. With both my clinical and lived experiences with family shelters, my vision is to partner with local family shelters to address families’ barriers to permanent housing.

For shelter partners, the services include 3 workshop series and individual adult counseling. A detailed description of services is listed below.

SELF Series

Since we are not one dimensional, I’ve created a multifaceted approach to achieving personal growth, called the SELF series. The SELF series focuses on 7 SELF-areas: self-esteem, self-empowerment, self-love, self-worth, self-pursuits, self-care, self-in relationships, and self-actualization. Through the process of analysis; we develop a deeper understanding of our emotional and mental patterns (both positive and negative), and by practicing appreciation for ourselves, we learn to truly value ourselves. And by acknowledging our worth, we attract abundance!

Living with a Purpose

This 3 session series will focus on helping families make the most of the shelter experience by managing emotions during the adjustment phase, learning how to take full advantage of shelter resources available and partnering with shelter staff to create the validating environment for their children.

Parenting Education Series

The most important connection is that between a parent and a child. Since children aren’t born with manuals, parents need appropriate strategies to promote healthy self-esteem, establish boundaries and discipline techniques. This can be especially challenging under the watchful eyes of the shelter staff. This 3 session series will review topics stated above while appreciating the challenges of parenting while residing in a shelter.

Shelter Staff Training

The purpose of the training is to provide shelter staff with a uniform standard of training to ensure families have an optimal shelter experience. Improving alliances between shelter staff and families increase the likelihood that families will access services and comply with program rules. The training will also discuss the culture of homelessness.

Individual Counseling

On-site individual counseling can be provided for adults ages 19 and up. For adults who prefer anonymity, off-site individual counseling is also available.